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Sept 4, one here...see you Sunday?
free purple DOff this weekend!
daily freebies in STO, Aug 13 through the weekend!
Woohoo! Site's working again! (It's been broken for me for the last few days...)
May 15 looks like another off day; hope to see folks Sunday
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State of the superteam - April 2015

StarryNight, Apr 1, 15 6:04 PM.
We're starting in Star Trek Online!
  • Federation
  • JST chat channel
  • plus Ventrilo, as usual
Torchlight 2 was found to be amusing but interruptible. Maybe we'll be back...

State of the superteam - August 2014

StarryNight, Aug 16, 14 11:13 AM.
We're still doing the "light armor" team in Guild Wars 2, but we're starting to discuss when we'll end and what we'll do next.
  • we're at or near max level
  • we'll probably finish our personal stories and try all the story dungeons, but beyond that, we haven't decided what else we want to finish before the next team
  • the big question is, another GW2 team, or something else?
    • if GW2, what theme?
    • if something else, what game?
 Lurkers, take note! If you've been waiting for the right time to (re)join us, make your views known!

Guild Wars 2 "Light Armor" team starts April 4!

StarryNight, Mar 10, 14 5:39 PM.
Champions Online has worn out its welcome. So:
  • Guild Wars 2 light armor team starts April 4
    • Necromancer, Elementalist, or Mesmer
    • Sylvari or Norn preferred
  • meet in Caledon Forest (Sylvari starting zone), near Astorea Waypoint
  • we're recruiting on the GW2 forums
Any questions, comments, concerns, start a thread, or bring it up in CO!
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